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Where did we go wrong?

You used to be so great together. Now your PC is freezing, crashing, and slowing you down. But you two can work it out.
If you're experiencing the following 4 symptoms of bad PC friendship, we can help you and your PC be friends again!

Find your inner files!

Even if your Recycle Bin has been emptied, special recovery software can still help you retrieve those files.
Or, hopefully you perform regular backups and you can restore your files from there.

What are all these applications?

It's what happens when you install too many applications just to try them out.
Now you can't remember which ones you actually use and they're just hanging around, taking up space on your PC.

See the Fix!

Get with(out) the program!

Look through your programs list and remove the ones you don't want or use.
If you're unsure of which ones are safe to remove, there's software that can help you decide.

It's not too late to be friends again!

Maybe you just need a little professional help.

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